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What Makes Us Better

Autani saves you money

Autani’s building automation systems and energy management solutions automatically save you money year-over-year. Our building controls blend with existing technologies to create efficiencies that allow the systems to pay for themselves quickly and easily.

Autani unlocks insights

Autani’s management software goes far beyond standard cost savings. It can unlock insights into your customer behaviors, space utilization and optimization, as well as create comfort engineered spaces that are in tune with the needs of the building users.

Autani saves costs on installation

Autani systems are wireless, which means that installation is simple and efficient compared to wired solutions. The Autani Commissioning application dramatically reduces commissioning time for large-scale projects.

Autani qualifies you for top tier rebates

Because Autani leads the way in analytics and centrally managed sensors and controls, customers qualify for top tier energy management rebates.

Autani is open platform, so it works with everyone

By keeping our building energy management systems open platform it means that Autani can provide diverse solutions for all customers now and into the future. Your solution won't be locked into a single vendor.

Autani scales to your needs

Even after adding two new facilities and a new roller coaster, our propane and electric bills have still decreased, and we’ve seen reduced maintenance costs as well. The control EnergyCenter gives us saves a lot of manpower and makes saving energy easy. It’s a great tool to have.

Theme Park Facilities Supervisor, Central US

Why now?

To show you how much you could be saving right now, we have created a “Cost of Waiting Calculator” that will walk you through the potential savings and opportunity costs for your facility.

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