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Autani Insights

Improvements Beyond Cost Savings

Saving money on hard costs like utility bills is an important first step, but knowing that soft costs can have a significantly larger impact to the budget is just as important. Changes that affect your work force have a much greater impact than changes that improve physical capital alone.

Operating Budget

Revenue grade metering and cost estimation engines provide accurate savings measurements. Autani Insights generates analytics-based reporting to offer actionable insights tailored for your specific facility.

Space Utilization

Understanding how your building operates from the perspective of the occupants and their business goals tied to the real estate usage is key to optimized space utilization.

Occupancy Sensors let you know when areas are occupied by employees. This information can be valuable to “right size” your office space and align your HVAC and lighting system operations. Moreover, how your space is actually utilized can help determine space requirements.

People Counters provide data on people migration patterns which can be utilized to drive business metrics such as:

  • Deploy staff to customers more effectively to improve customer experience.
  • Measure marketing success during special promotions.

Comfort Engineering

Comfort engineering allows you to mitigate productivity loss from uncomfortable work environments due to improper lighting or heating.
The example chart shows how the room temperature can adapt to the usage of the college class auditorium, keeping conditions perfect for times when it is in use.


The Autani EnergyCenter application and associated analytics are hosted in our SSAE-16 SOC 2 certified data center, and stringent security measures are enforced so you can rest easy that your data is safely accessed and securely maintained.

Reducing Revenue Loss

Maintenance issues and critical equipment failures are costly. Autani helps eliminate surprises and unexpected costs with proactive maintenance reminders so you can schedule downtime at times convenient for you.

Our energy savings to date are impressive, with an overall average savings of 71%. Thanks to the Autani system, we are able to monitor and control our energy use, while providing a comfortable and non‐disruptive environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

Private School Headmaster, California
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