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Autani Expands Wireless Lighting Control Product Line

Autani Expands Wireless Lighting Control Product Line

 Columbia, MD – Autani, LLC, a proven leader in building controls and IoT, is adding two innovative products to its family of wirelessly networked lighting controls. Working in conjunction with Steinel, Autani has released a fully controls-addressable high bay sensor. Steinel’s HBS 200 and HBS 300 series high bay sensors are designed for aisleway and open area high bay applications and will feature Autani’s integrated wireless controls, allowing for remote management. Autani has also released the Autani CORE, a management device that decreases latency and enhances the network performance of wireless lighting controls. 

“We are pleased to partner with Steinel to create a much needed lighting control solution that meets the specific demands of the warehouse market,” said Scott Metker, COO of Autani. “Through our entry into this market via high bay sensors combined with the release of the Autani CORE, we are creating a more robust family of solutions to help our clients optimize energy use and building space across a variety of sectors.” 

Sean Lafferty, General Manager of Steinel America said, “We’re very excited about providing superior high bay sensors, in terms of mounting height, range and number of detection zones, together with Autani‘s open standard wireless controls. We appreciate being the eyes and ears of a comprehensive IoT solution.” Germany-based STEINEL has been manufacturing lighting controls for over 25 years. Steinel’s product offering includes high bay occupancy sensors which provide over 1,400 points of detection with its 360 degree sensor (HBS 300) and 100 feet of linear coverage with its aisleway sensor (HBS 200). 

About Steinel USA

Steinel USA is the leader in highly engineered, precision electronics in the industrial heat gun and lighting sensor and controls markets. With exceptional European manufacturing and precision German engineering, Steinel produces sophisticated technology with the highest quality standards in the industry. 

About Autani, LLC

Autani, LLC ( is a Building Automation Provider with a proven track record of reducing energy consumption while providing the analytics to power next-generation building management applications. At the core of our product offering is EnergyCenter, an open standards appliance that connects Lighting, Metering, HVAC, Refrigeration and Sensors to control, monitor and verify energy consumption through a single, powerful system with either wireless or wired connectivity. 

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