Meet Christian

Christian Alford Autani Sales Applications Manager

Q How long have you worked at Autani?
A I have been with Autani for just over 8 months now as a Sales Applications Engineer.

Q What inspires you in your job?
A I am inspired daily by two things:
– The ability to work every day to connect our customers with cutting-edge building automation technology that will simultaneously save them energy and improve the functionality of their space.
– The family-like feel of the company. Everyone is friendly with everyone else regardless of role or function. You are always a phone call away from the CEO if needed. And, coworkers are always willing to support one another when necessary.

Q What are you enjoying while working at Autani?
A I get to wear a lot of hats at Autani, touching the sales, operations, engineering and support functions within our organization. Things never get boring here.

Q What new technologies are you getting excited about?
A I am excited about Autani’s new space analytics offering to give our customers the ability to go above and beyond energy savings with our products. Each one of our customers has access to a trove of data regarding their space that, when harnessed effectively, can help them unlock a number of money-saving insights about their facility. Space Utilization, wayfinding and asset management are just a few examples of capabilities that we are developing now.

Q Fun/ interesting facts?
A I am recently married and love spending time outdoors with my wife and new puppy. Outside of that I spend most of my free time reading and running.