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Energy Manager Family


The Autani Manager appliance is a rugged, industrial control processor that is the heart of innovative integrated energy management systems powered by EnergyCenter software.

Wireless Controllers & Radios
Wireless Switches
Wireless Sensors


Easy to install, compact, high performance motion sensor that connects directly to Autani’s WRC series of Relay Controllers.

Autani Controls

Wireless Closure Sensor

An easy to install, compact, high performance dry contact sensor with an integrated wireless transceiver that connects to EnergyCenter devices.

Wireless HVAC Systems
T32P Controllable Wireless Thermostat

T32P Controllable Wireless Thermostat

A wireless HVAC controller for use with Autani’s Integrated HVAC Management System. The T32P Thermostat is a direct replacement for many existing thermostats.

Retrofits and Lighting Kits
Metering Applications

Packaged Wireless Electric Meter

The E50C2 Packaged Meter is a power monitoring device featuring real-time, revenue grade measurement and wireless communication to track energy use.